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Secret Smile Picspam 1/2

This group has been far too quiet for far too long and I need to do something about it (it is my new mission in life). My first plan to do it? Reposting a picspam of Secret Smile that I did awhile back. It stars the marvelously hot David Tennant and pictures of this must be stared at and enjoyed.
I may make another one of these picspams (and more detailed) but I just couldn't bear that this group has had no life in it for over half a month...

Our first really good picture of him in this movie.

Includes a partial shot of hair!

After the sexy-off earlier today, I seem to want to look out for the wonky eye and how it somehow increases cuteness levels.

Wouldn't you trust that face? Yeah, that's apparently not a good idea.

Blurry, but he's stripping! I need him to do that for me!

Sex face!

Awww, so evil in this but still so cute

Ohh, the freckling. *content sigh*

Once again with the cute evil. It's so easy to see why the characters fall for it. I can imagine my brain melting to the point of falling for blatant scheming and lies.

Nuzzling. I'd always agree to cuddling.

Chest hair and stubble!

And now just cute face

I seriously can't see too much of his face.

Ok, I won't highlight this again, but people in this movie are blatant alcoholics. They're pouring copious amounts of wine and drinking it in every other fucking scene. Eating? Wine. Talking? Wine. Working? Almost wine. I'm shocked when I see people with beer instead. Which reminds me... *gets a beer* I think I need one of these to think about some of the bad lines in this movie.

He may be psycho in this but damn that smile. I'd fall for it every time. I'd be yet another sad victim to a man with a charisma beyond my comprehension. I guess it's less demeaning than falling victim to a lesser man...

Oh no, the angry face starts here.

And then she tells him to go away and the real trouble is about to start... And you can see his freckles really well here.

This is mostly to show off the shirt.

"Oh, did I mention I'm now by chance dating your sister? It must be the good DNA for me to fall for both of you in the period of three months. Yup, just good DNA, I'm not creepy or evil. *twirls invisible evil moustache*"
Oh, and notice the wine... again.

Oral fixation!

Aww, isn't he so devious. He actually is in this but he's still hot enough to get away with it. He hasn't crossed the crazy/hot threshold at this point yet.

It's the sexy wonky eye again

Yes, he's evil and creepy, but an incestuous threesome with him and your sister here would have made this movie far more entertaining. As if it isn't enough of a train wreck of a story. (no one suggests it. I was just thinking it would be hot in some warped way)

Wait, they're engaged?!? They met like two weeks ago. This is where I started to become tired of the plot.. but not of the hot.
Ok ladies, we need to talk. Hotness and an accent can and should get one laid but not married. Don't fall for pretty words of marriage, just go for the sex.

Mmm, kissing

And the hottest and creepiest scene of the whole movie. This is what I wish I had a sound clip of. I'm not much for quoting sections of text in picspams but this is well worth it.
Miranda Cotton: [Brendan has just proposed to her sister] Congratulations.
Brendan Block: Thanks. You know, when I was making the announcement I was looking at your mouth.
Miranda Cotton: Why?
Brendan Block: Well... it's beautiful. I was just thinking... I've come in that mouth.

I think I just came a little. (what? Dirty talking + Sexy voice = True Aural Sex == Instant Mental Orgasm)
And damn, look at those freckles.

He's getting a bit of the evil eyes now.

I just like the way he's built.. and he looks good sweaty.

And what are you wearing under that? Nothing? Get your creepy ass over here and let me get all alpha female on you till you cry like a little boy. There's actually something about this movie that makes me think he really needs a pushy woman. (meaning the character) Women put up with his shit almost the whole time and I think someone just needs to beat him into shape, in some sort of sexy way.

"You know you want a piece of this." *nods*


Oh no, he's up to evil again. I need to imagine him twirling the invisible pointy moustache again.

And now even further (sexy) evil

More oral fixation!

And freckles

Oooh, the super closeup.

Now he's just getting annoyed at things.

And now to the end of the first part after an overdramatic death. He does look good when pouty and in a suit.

Coming soon: Part two of the Secret Smile picspam
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