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Twelve Icons - Gerry Butler

Hello, Ladies.  I have some icons for your enjoyment.  These icons are bases so you can edit them however you want.   Also, you can have another maker edit also.  I'm not very good with text on an icon.....  Just please credit me for the base.  On to the graphics.  LOL

*Please comment if snagging
*Please credit
colonoscarpeay or poisonus_kisses 
*Icons are bases, edit how you will




That's all for now.  I have some wallpapers to post later!  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Yum and yum! Snagged a couple of these and will credit!
Thanks! Glad you liked them! XD
The fifth one down, is one of my favorite pictures of him. :)
It is a great picture isn't it? ;oP