We love the Scottish!!! - 20th August '03
12:22am 20/08/2003
mood: weird
Greetings! I just joined up after an email discussion with killerbunys, who asked me to do some Scottish actor icons (the GREAT SCOTS! default icon was me). And while searching for pictures of Scottish actors, I thought, hey, I really like Scottish actors. I should join the community. So, hi! *waves* Anyway, killerbunys and I thought some of you might like to see and/or use the other icons I made with this community in mind. So I was going to post them. But for some mysterious reason, my stupid image host is refusing to let me upload anything at the moment. So as soon as it's done being stupid, I can post them for you. *heavy sigh*

Unless of course killerbunys would like to post them for me.... *bats eyelashes* :D

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01:27pm 20/08/2003
mood: working
8-21 EDIT: OK, I upgraded to Geocities Plus, which does allow remote loading (on purpose), so everyone should be able to see the iconses now. Yay! ;D

~Credit and comments are glomped enthusiastically.
~If you use an icon, I have one big rule: DO NOT under any circumstances claim, imply, or allow someone to believe that you made it yourself. Ever.

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