We love the Scottish!!! - 25th August '03
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02:39pm 25/08/2003
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I *heart* Robert Carlyle ^^ *dance*

and of course...*drum role*

I think the majority of le pics were taken from http://rehteb.tripod.com/pics_page.html
maybe all...x_x

...this icon makes me die and turn into mush and...yeah *falls out of chair*...Collapse )

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Billy Boyd on CBBC   
05:23pm 25/08/2003
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Sorry, but this is only available in the UK - so for anyone else who lives in the UK, tune in to CBBC on the 5th Sept coz Billy's gonna be on it *HOORAY!!!* Here's the thing I found about it:

CHILDRENS: Call the Shots

Channel: BBC 1

Date: Friday 5th September 2003

Time: 16:55 to 17:20 (starting in 13 days)

Duration: 25 minutes.

Children's series focusing on the world of television and film, hosted by Sarah Cawood, Holly Willoughby and Steve Wilson. A computer graphics fan finds out how adverts are made. Holly meets the voice cast of Finding Nemo, and this week's Hotshot is Lord of the Rings actor Billy Boyd.

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