August 28th, 2003

the_dark_side's Eve 6 Yoda


You people have turned me into a Billy Boyd fan. I can't wait for ROTK to come out. He's got a bigger part in that one. Ooo, and the TTT extended version.
Anyway, I love this community. It's been quite a learning experience for me. I'm so ignorant as to actors nationalities. All I can tell is that they come from the UK. Beyond that, I know very little. I've learned quite a bit sinced I joined here, though.
And now I'm a Billy fan, so watch out.
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Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy 35th Birthday to Billy Boyd!!!!!

I'd say he's been aged to perfection, wouldn't you?

Unfortunately, due to the restraining order, I will be unable to give Billy his usual spanking. Turns out it is enforceable outside the United States. Who knew? *shrugs*
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