We love the Scottish!!! - 5th September '03
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01:16am 05/09/2003
mood: horny
OMG, I have got some HOTT pix here for you. They are very droolsome indeed. I'm not even gonna begin to tell you what they did to me when I saw them. I know, we've all seen these before, but they're just so heavenly *sighz* <3 Anyway, they're pix of Billy from the short film he did called Sniper 470. I took these from a friend's website and decided to post them here for your drooling pleasure :)

Health Warning: These pictures contain images of Billy topless. Please make sure you have a glass of water near by to prevent dehydration *droolz*

Hot 'Sniper 470' picciesCollapse )

And if you didn't like those - you're crazy! *lol* ;p

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03:14pm 05/09/2003
mood: cranky
To everyone in the UK!!!!

Billy Boyd will be interviewed on 'Call The Shots' on CBBC this afternoon. The programme begins at 16:55 and will finish at 17:20

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07:32pm 05/09/2003
  hey what do you guys think of Craig Ferguson? just curious.


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