October 11th, 2003


hi, my name is trish and im new. and im in TRUE PURE LOVE with Ewan Mcgregor, a scottish actor as some of you know... i think i have found a new family :dies: anyways, just a little about myself: my name is trisha, im not old or young, if you think im around the age of 15-16, you'd be wrong because i get that all the time (well after they meet me and talk to me for a while even though i find myself immature). i'm from canada, but i like to say that i live in my idol's closet in the US. im a great big fan of ewan mcgregor and i love him to death, i like other scottish actors too but right now i have ewan on my mind so i wouldnt be able to say anything about them :x wait no, ewan is probably the only one i like that i know is scottish :pathetic: :loserish:. i ENJOY TO WATCH MOVIES WITH EWAN MCGREGOR GETTING HIT ON, SINGING OR :giggles: LAMO:X ahh okay uhm uh yea;x
I'm not great at introductions, so im going to sign off with this: ahhh theses people are HOTT AND SO 'EFFIN LOVABLE

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    Ewan McGregor + Nicole Kidman; All you need is loveeeee