We love the Scottish!!! - 15th December '03
09:23pm 15/12/2003
  Hey everyone.
I'm new to this site.
My name is Tara and I'm 17 from New York.
My friend and I are much in love with the wonderful men from Scotland.

We met a Scottish dude on a cruise last year and he was totally awesome <3. Totally.

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09:29pm 15/12/2003

Hey guys! My name is Marissa and my friend</a></b></a>sunshynee just showed me this wonderful community. I have a severe obsession with Scotland and it all started with a boy I'm sure you're all familiar with, Sean.

Plus, on a vacation we took last year we met a guy from Scotland who was totally awesome and had the sexy accent(of course).

From my two experiences, I'm sure that every male in Scotland is hot and awesome.Ha! What a fine thing.


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